Nadal Us Open 2020

December 21, 2019

Nadal Us Open 2020 which on QE gives us the cross-court forehand but it's that one the one down the line always a barometer of his confidence have you started to make this earlier you better watch out it. Is I'm Kira gives us the. Cross-court for in but it's let you on the one down the line of course we know what happened on the. Third set there trying the locals early on how's this for a set of wheels not once not twice but that's how hard Nadal makes you work well Robi actually, has a, little info on that he did some Intel before the match Medvedev has tried in this match so far looking for hand from the dog bottom of the ministry Nesbitt undefined topic to one wasn't overly, successful with it. And that Montreal fauna it's hard to make the racket get through the spin officially a servant violet page from the doll he's so good at just sneaking in the isn't he even, fortunate in the end the doll made up the grounds so quickly junior tennis match he just. Sort of patty cake tin forward hey I stand well in your face i beckon yours this.

Is Medvedev pasarĂ­a Sandeep that's what you gotta be spit be. A theory and for the passage of play yeah that's how good it's gotta be that wants to challenge it I'm sure he's gonna get.

Any joy out of it though here's the chaise review well Chang what's it say another player who played to jump back at ya is Marat Safin now lovely drop, shot it's been a mixed bag but that time you got, it right how do you like an X for a one-two combo fiancee going to.

The world once too often Nadal can see it coming he's already running it's better footwork it's exactly like that good.

Tennis the point against her job I mean you kidding me leave just enough to keep them Dow running put that back in the bag was that. One all over the social media way mm yeah that went viral me the doll was on it, easily there it is there it's surprising with the serve-and-volley that's what I said the late uma, thurman in the crowd watching a little bit of championship tennis here on Sunday hilarious that's old school you.

Know d7 when Stefan Edberg was slicing that backhand down the line and just closing the neck down such an effective using it. Normally winning half of him isn't he one it was box office from Nadal right there , take one of these another threat to tip rallies yes I don't. See the dollar playing too many underspin for hands but if they point it there make the dish better get better and always seeing the fruits of that. Labor leaf the elite three have established that standard sort of thing about their life is going to affect their tennis with Tony instill that discipline in him. Oh yes go cross-court fake line come across that, was a sweet shot all right anticipation could set a wheels on them as well footwork looked tired the swing looked tired. 30 40 instant owe me but it was out of this, world on this rally peppering than a dull forehand more of the same youth the overhead off the overhead smash that short 30-love just. The top of the tape but I think Nadal's got a shorter getting there I just killed the, bounce it's definitely something to watch from a distance.