Us Open Qualifying 2020 Tennis

February 12, 2020

Us Open Qualifying 2020 Tennis pleasure to receive first please tenaris intelligence alongside me Rob Koenig Djokovic is a flier that does not enjoy it when the crowd is cheering against he loves the crowd to be. For him they often aren't you see if it affects them at all in this finals how much that goes to the form, of del Potro it's risky business going there right, because that's that's the one certainty whereas if you go weak to Del Potro's forehand he's gonna gain control the point he's going there first I guess what he's trying. To do is open up the. Backhand and look to attack the backhand cuz every first ball has been directed at the del Potro forehand Thank You players already the danger there is Del Potro doesn't mind the ball far away from, him he's got those long arms he gets a lot of powers you saw in that forehand pass but you hook, a.

Bit you able to handle the volley so of inactions out there the duration of the tournament really visible for the players 25 seconds between points . Mention that Djokovic show was appearing in a record-tying 8th US Open final surprising his records only 2 and, 5 was both Lindell and Sampras appeared in eight US Open finals successful any one person Lendl did it in consecutive years that's pretty amazing it was with usually a backhand, slice I agree with Jimmy I think this match is gonna, hinge on whether Djokovic can prevent this two ball combo from happening with the big serve and the big forehand from, del Potro he's able to rack up cheap points mr. Turner's the sport has. Ever seen how will he be able to neutralize the del Potro surf and of course being one of the.

Fenders how is he gonna handle this guy's forehand just having a look at returns made throughout the tournament for Novak against all. His other opposition first serve returns made 85% we know when he makes them he makes me even if announcer I gotta see who he beat I mean. Is there players that didn't have big serves all of them are now. Or there's some fake servers in that players but mini-pig service Jimmy food so I would expect him not to do quite as well today against Del Potro what, wouldn't. Not spirometer be then percentage-wise I would think 70% would probably be your your returning very well especially against the big surfer del Potro out to play is there so obviously his numbers aren't going to be, as strong as, Joe kovitch that's you don't poke me sending out a strong message yeah it was hot give a sense just, gonna lock the top of itself would be an easy proposition anyone players been over to break and no Veck twice in a match and that was the first round match against. Martin Vukovich and you get a chaise review but you can just see if del potro hits those balls big and he doesn't get him away, from joke if it's joke bitch is his stand tight. He's able to hit feel I mean he had a huge war in there and hit this miss it's gonna miss by nothing the thing that's interesting to, me is one of the reasons I thought Djokovic has been playing so well. Is he's kept the length so doesn't miss and he's hitting it within 12 inches of the baseline huh now poster is also, hitting the ball at the exact same place he's the first guy keeping that length right width so far how's that for core tennis kitty. It's nice to see del potro in his second major final. But.