US Open Tennis Live Stream 2020

November 8, 2019

US Open Tennis is the biggest tennis event in the world. The first US Open Tennis tournament was played in 1881 for men’s singles and men’s doubles. Since then lots of changes have been made to both format and how the tennis is played. Since it started to held annually, the grass was the surface it was played on up until 1974. The surface was changed to clay and eventually to the hard surface which is played on since 1978.

The tournament is broadcasted in over 160 countries each year. Although the majority of the viewers are still from the U.S, this is linked to the popularity of the sport rather than the event itself. However, China is getting more and more into tennis and the country has its own annual tennis tournament, China Open.

How to livestream US Open Tennis 2020?

There are multiple ways that one can livestream the tournament online. The US Open Tennis 2020 will be broadcasted exclusively on ESPN and ESPN2 if you’re living in the United States. You can also livestream on mobile or web by logging to your cable provider account.

Those who are in other countries must watch through their country’s respective broadcasters.

List of live broadcasters outside the U.S.

  • Australia:ESPNInternational
  • Bahrain:beINMediaGroup
  • Bangladesh: StarIndia
  • Belarus: Eurosport
  • Belgium: Eurosport
  • Botswana: SuperSport
  • Cameroon: SuperSport
  • Canada:TheSportsNetwork(TSN)andR√©seaudessports(RDS)
  • Comoros: SuperSport
  • Congo,DemocraticRepublicofthe:SuperSport
  • Croatia: Eurosport
  • Cyprus: Eurosport
  • CzechRepublic: Eurosport
  • Denmark: Eurosport
  • Eritrea: SuperSport
  • Estonia: Eurosport
  • Finland: Eurosport
  • France: Eurosport
  • Georgia: Eurosport
  • Germany: Eurosport
  • Iraq:beINMediaGroup
  • Ireland: Amazon Prime Video
  • Israel: Eurosport
  • Italy: Eurosport
  • IvoryCoast:SuperSport
  • Japan: Wowow
  • Latvia: Eurosport
  • Lithuania: Eurosport
  • Mexico: ESPNInternational
  • Monaco: Eurosport
  • Netherlands: Eurosport
  • NewZealand: ESPNInternational
  • Norway: Eurosport
  • PapuaNewGuinea: FoxSportsAsia
  • Philippines: FoxSports Asia
  • Poland: Eurosport
  • Portugal: Eurosport
  • Romania: Eurosport
  • Russia: Eurosport
  • Serbia: Eurosport
  • Singapore: FoxSportsAsia
  • Slovenia: Eurosport
  • SouthKorea: FoxSportsAsia
  • Spain: Eurosport
  • Sweden: Eurosport
  • Switzerland:EurosportandSwissBroadcastingCorporation
  • Turkey: Eurosport
  • Ukraine: Eurosport
  • UnitedArabEmirates:beINMediaGroup
  • UnitedKingdom: Amazon Prime Video