Womens Us Open Tennis 2020

January 29, 2020

Womens Us Open Tennis 2020 yakko what are you feeling when she caught up to five all I had some doubts because I've witnessed her come back from.

Being five Oh down five one down five two down so I just told myself to stick with my tactics she started playing much better and I think the crowd really helped, her as well I was blocking out the noise while trying to I could barely hear my hear myself think really it was. Really really loud but I guess that's what makes this tournament so special. I'm sure it's really nice for the Americans to come on that chord I mean I've heard a lot. Of cheering from other people from for me so I'm really happy with that but it definitely wasn't easy especially when she started coming back in the second. Set I mean it was expected she's a champion and champ that's what champions do. And she's done that many many times daughter career but I just tried to stay as composed as I could it's hard to just. Block everything out but I think I did, a pretty good job at that Bianca you've computed yourself so well on court throughout this whole run but what we are nerves like before the final players. Often talk about trying to treat every match the same but there's a lot of pomp and circumstance with the finals, so how did you how did those nerves feel and then how important did you feel like that first game was when. You were able to break her when she had game point I was feeling many many things before the match more than any other, match I mean I'm. The finals playing Serena so I just tried to breathe as much as I could from the more the moment I woke up and the match and I tried to just do that throughout the whole match. To just keep my nerves in place. It wasn't easy at all but I think that's what I've been doing really well throughout this, whole year oh yeah the first game yeah I was really happy about that I think she double faulted for me to win the, game the game plan right from the start was to make her work for every ball and to get as many returns in the court as possible and I think she, was intimidated a little.

Bit by it where were you during last year's women's final did you watch it and what were your thoughts on what. Happened between Serena I don't completely remember what happened but I actually didn't watch that vinyl yeah I don't think I watched that final I actually just watched, some highlights this morning so I know what to, expect a little bit because I know Naomi played in a really good match so I kind of tried to just get to that level today I was at home I was injured I was sitting on, my butt what similarities do you see between, the way you play and your approach to the game with Serena sorry can you say that again what similarities do you. See between your style of play and Serena's and the way the two of you approach. The game I think there are some similarities we like to keep the points shored with our.

Aggressive game style we like to use our serve to our advantage and I think we we fight really really hard but at the same time I want to make a name. For myself I know I have a different game style than many players on the tour.